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Various Clinical research labs face operational challenges in day to day life. Only a customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) like InfoLIMS can eliminate the challenge which helps every lab to run more smoothly. Clinical research labs includes various testing, storing samples, results, documentation, preparing for data audits which can be streamlined using InfoLIMS which increases the productivity. Many times errors occur when data is collected manually; at that time InfoLIMS is beneficial to reduce various human errors and to improve the quality of lab’s data. In Clinical Research, InfoLIMS makes sure your lab’s samples are collected, handled and processed accurately throughout the entire sample lifecycle

The Laboratory May Perform Following Clinical Studies

  • Local Laboratory: Test Only
  • Regional Laboratory: Testing And Logistics
  • Central Lab: Testing, Logistics, Data and Project Management

In Clinical Research Laboratory, Lab test used are

  • Establish inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Determine baseline parameters
  • Monitor safety of the participants
  • Demonstrate the efficacy of the investigational product

Clinical diagnostics labs also requires an effective solution which helps those labs to work in systematic way, to efficiently manage end-to-end processes right from receiving test requests to sending back the test reports. InfoLIMS is flexible software that enables clinical diagnostic labs to work smoothly with various testing. With the help of InfoLIMS, clinical diagnostic labs can immediately start managing their scientific and business processes efficiently.


In Forensic labs also InfoLIMS is very beneficial. InfoLIMS streamlines entire forensic process right from pre-logging of evidences, documenting the crime scenes, laboratory analysis, property storage and to the disposition. It directly helps forensic labs to minimize various costs, save time, and achieve accurate results.


Lab Workload

Learn how Advanced Analytics can be used to plan work based on lab priorities or when priorities shift, it can be used to understand the underlying causes.

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