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Producers of pharmaceuticals and biologics are challenged to become more efficient in discovering and developing candidate drugs while increasing manufacturing productivity and reducing costs. Advanced instrumental techniques and workflows can help to accelerate the development pipeline and optimize production processes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Completely new, streamlined User Interface for 2019
  • Common actions are presented on the main browser/dashboard (SIMS Hierarchy Icons, To Do List, Calendars, LWR Counts, etc.)
  • Quickly add Core Components, such as Responsible Labs, Storage Chambers, Storage Conditions, Ingredients, Suppliers, Manufacturing Sites, etc in a centralized location.
  • Protocol Editor for intuitive study/protocol creation and matrix design (simply choose time intervals and storage conditions, then drag-and-drop tests into the appropriate interval/condition cell).
  • Automatic time point scheduling, sample pull management, and resource scheduling.
  • Complete stability database with extensive formulation capabilities.
  • Secure data entry, verification, and approval with easy-to-use Lab Work Request (LWR) Form or Spreadsheet modes.

Biopharmaceutical companies rely on professional services to advance their early-stage drug products through the development process. These services include analytical laboratory testing focused on package and delivery system selection.

This structural similarity gives biopharmaceuticals the potential to cure diseases rather than merely treat symptoms. Biopharmaceuticals also present fewer side effects because of their specificity, unlike conventional drugs that affect multiple systems.


Lab Workload

Learn how Advanced Analytics can be used to plan work based on lab priorities or when priorities shift, it can be used to understand the underlying causes.

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